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Julio CavalliJulio Cavalli
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No individual is self-sufficient.  The individual can only exist in an environmental field. The nature of the relationship between the subject and their environment is what determines their conduct and it is conduct which is projected definitely in the subject’s handwriting and graphics – whether these be weak, strong or perturbed. 
The fundamental idea of ​​Gestalt is totality, i.e. Gestalt must be whole and complete – something which, by the way, usually does not occur – and it is graphologists that reveal the inconclusive cases that are striving to close and complete themselves without allowing the subject to see the obvious, thereby causing a projection of their neurotic states, living the real as imaginary and the imaginary as real. 
Graphics, just like psychic processes, are about organisation and not the perception of individual components.  This is based on the theory of Von Ehrenfels who structured his theory taking the melody of a song – which is a form in itself and not the sum of sensations caused by each and every note in it – as an example.  The melody can be interpreted by other tonalities even though it remains the same melody – well Gestalt has the same. 
Hermeneutic or interpretive work based on specific graphics is always a process as far as gestaltic graphology is concerned.  That is to say, "A series of produced phenomenon’s that will occur over a certain period of time" and this involves two essential conditions: contextualisation and dimension. “Contextualization” refers to all that is concerned with graphics and should be considered in context, being relative to the value of a sign in itself and by itself.  “Dimension” refers to the fact that every process has a beginning and an end.  
Gestalt Graphology is the antithesis of the klagesian principles of DETERMINISM and BIO-CENTRISM.  It was designed as a constructive report and not a critical one.

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